Sleeve: Clementine Hope
1 Aug 2002
352 pages
Hodder & Stoughton

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Danny McQueen's day job in the local specialist video shop is only a way to pay the rent until his band makes it big. But his girlfriend has given him an ultimatum: get a recording contract, a proper job or a new girlfriend. Suddenly it seems the one thing that's important is the one he'll lose.

From the Publisher
Louise Wener's novel is a delight from start to finish: funny, warm, romantic yet down to earth, a novel about friendship and love and growing up. It's about whether there's ever a time when you have to leave your dreams behind. It's very cleverly written - Louise is, of course, a woman but writes so convincingly in Danny's voice you'd never guess it. And it will make you laugh out loud - a lot. This novel isn't just for Sleeper fans but for everyone who's ever picked up a Mike Gayle novel, and for all those readers who love Nick Hornby.

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    GOODNIGHT STEVE MCQUEEN (US) (March 1, 2005)

    GOODNIGHT STEVE MCQUEEN (Paperback Book) (28 Apr 2003)


    GOODNIGHT STEVE MCQUEEN (Proof Copy) (Mar 2002)

    GUTE NACHT, STEVE MCQUEEN (Germany) (2004)

    GUTE NACHT, STEVE MCQUEEN (Germany) (Sep 2002)
     December 29, 2002 | Disorder Magazine
    From Disorder Magazine
    Louise Wener - Goodnight Steve McQueen
    reviewed by Fong Chau

    Yes, that's right, the most eligible Jewish woman in 1996 has put down her Fender Telecaster and picked up a... biro, we guess. Goodnight Steve McQueen is about a deadbeat muso/part-time video shop worker, or about seven of your close friends and every other two-bit Monarch patron. Steve (Danny to his friends) is your average guitarist in you average Norf London band, until his girlfriend Alison gives him an ultimatum - get a record contact (or proper job) in six months or get a new girlfriend (and flat). So what's a boy to do? Well, he actually gets off his arse and does something, which given that he's a musician is the most unrealistic thing about the novel.

    The book itself is a nice easy tube read and endearing in parts; after all, Louise Wener is responsible for penning the words: 'Summer '92, I remember it clearly/When he choked on the olive in his dry Martini... I know it sounds funny/but it wasn't supposed to'. But it's awfully clichéd in parts too; you have Kostas the two-dimensional Greek, Matty the dim drummer and, just to mix it up a bit, Sheila the eighty year-old Kung-fu enthusiast. Come on, we all remember the characters from 'Inbetweener' and know you can do better than that, Wener.

     December 29, 2002 | Goodnight Steve McQueen - in Bulk
    Goodnight Steve Mcqueen X24 Dumpbin
    de Louise Wener

    Notre prix : EUR 276,30 / 1 812,41 FF

    Cet article paraîtra le 3 avril 2003.

    Commandez-le maintenant et nous vous l'enverrons dès qu'il sera disponible.

    (Vu: I don't know what "X24 Dumpbin" means but the cost is 24 times more expensive than a normal book, so I am guess you can buy this as a 24 books per case. I mean, who would be crazy enough to pay EUR 276,30 (about $300) for a book?)
     October 27, 2002 | Louise in Slant Magazine
    From Christopher, via Sleeper Stuff
  • Slant Magazine (Sep/Oct 2002)
  • [Sleeper stuff] Re: Lou in Slant magazine
    Sun, 27 Oct 2002 11:12:54 -0000

    I've put an ok quality scan of the article at
    I got it free and I only spent £1.80 :o).

     September 29, 2002 | Drowned in Sound Review
    From Drowned in Sound
    Reviewed: Books
    Goodnight Steve Mcqueen

    Author: Mark Reed

    (3 stars out of 5)


    If you were born between about 1970 and 1980, then sometime in the mid 90’s, you probably either wanted to fuck, or wanted to be, the author of this book. Louise Wener (ex-Sleeper) turned all her experiences into a heavily-autobiographical debut novel which shows, perhaps surprisingly, that she's a better writer than any ex-popstar should be.


    Thankfully it’s all an improvement from there, as characters are realistically drawn, and events unfold at a natural pace. Wener also avoids a common temptation - that of characters behaving irrationally and stupidly in order to advance the plot along. The touch of realism is oddly convincing. She’s not a great writer, but a damn good one, and what she lacks in style and flair is made up for in a deceptively easy style and surprisingly successful adoption of a male lead.

    [ Read more Drowned in Sound Review ]

    (Vu: Interestingly enough, the review on his personal website is slightly different, listing 'Citizen Kane' instead of 'The Wasp Factory'.)

     September 29, 2002 | More Blog
    From Sixballs Blog
    Saturday, August 31, 2002
    Started reading 'Goodnight Steve McQueen' today. It was not the arbitrarily random title that grabbed me in the Smiths in New Street station but rather the author -- Louise Wener. See, I had followed that brief brit-pop flare that was Sleeper, and had developed that minor background crush you get when you should know better but are still flirting with student-dom. It was the voice (oh, the voice) and the eyes. And the lyrics. Personal without being imposing. Witty without conceit.

    Anyway, the book. I knew I was taking a risk, the subject about relationships and bands and labels and crouch end. Write about what you know they say. It could have gone terrribly wrong and I knew for half the price I could get the official Billy Connelly biography. Still, I bought it, and I have no regrets. Okay, it gets a little slack at times but also strums some damn fine good riffs. I'd definitely recommend listening to 'The It Girl' while reading it.

    [ Read more Sixballs Blog ]

     September 28, 2002 | Goodnight Steve McQueen Review
    News - From Vu
    I finally had the time to finish reading the book. Before you start reading this review, I should point out that there might be some spoilers (don't worry I won't give away the ending or anything).

    Before I begin, I should point out that I really enjoy modern novels. I like reading about bands I like (The Smiths or Beck), I like reading modern slangs and habits and so on… In some ways, I can relate to these things.

    There are few books that kept my interest as this book does. The trick that Louise does is at the end of each chapter, there is almost a cliffhanger or punchline. As I've previously mentioned this book is hilarious! Check out this excerpt:

    I give Vince a brief rundown of the last twelve hours, stagger towards the bedroom and collapse on to the bed like a sick giraffe. My head hits the pillow like a wax brick. My clothes lie in a crumpled pile on the floor along with the empty bottle of Galliano that I've sucked dry. I have crystals of dried alcohol all over my mouth. And my chin. I still have my underpants on. And my shoes.

    I rule.

    The book is about Danny McQueen, named Steve McQueen by his movie-obsessed mother. He has this great girlfriend named Alison, and he's the guitarist in a band (currently called Dakota). Things haven't changed for years, and in some ways, his girlfriend is fed up and gives him an ultimatum: find a (real) job or find a new girlfriend. She gives him six months, and in that time, he does the almost impossible, he gets his band noticed by playing support gigs for his old friend's band, Scarface (who made it really big in the United States).

    I won't give away too much, but there are some good adventures and, almost biographical in some ways. Certain situation and sentences look like something that might have happened to Louise & Sleeper when they were first starting out.

    There aren't too many characters around Danny, but they're all memorable and funny.

    Some of the key characters:

    -Vince is the singer and full of strong music opinions.
    -Matty, the drummer, who's as clueless as he is handsome & cute.
    -Alison, the girlfriend, who really doesn't appear much in the novel, considering she's the one that started it all. All I can really remember from her is that she wants to write novels and she's got gorgeous boobs.
    -Kostas, the video shop owner and sudden manager.
    -Sheila, the Kung Fu enthusiast, who's really old and have lived a lifetime.
    -Kate, the vindictive Matty's girlfriend
    The ending seemed rushed in some ways. Lots of things seem to happen in the last few chapters. For instance, Sheila suddenly plays this huge role in Danny's life, and the last chapter looks like it took place six months later. So the rhythm and time passage seems … out of place. But it's good. I think it will make a very good movie (I had envision certain scenes in the book as scenes in a yet-to-be-made movie). If you like High Fidelity and Trainspotting, you'd really like this debut novel.

    So what are you waiting for ? It's currently on sale for £8 at

     September 24, 2002 | Slant Magazine
    From cuddlywhiteanoracks, via Sleeper stuff
  • Slant Magazine (Sep/Oct 02)
  • Lou in Slant magazine
    Mon, 23 Sep 2002 19:31:55 -0000

    There is a small review and picture of Louise and her book in the Sept/Oct issue of Slant magazine, I've posted a picture of it (not very good sorry when I get scanner sorted I have lots of pics and stuff to show you all) in the book stuff section. Slant is available at Virgin Megastores and V Shops for £1.25 or free if you spend over £10 or free if you work in V shop like me. There's also an interview with Dave Gorman who is a very funny man

     September 21, 2002 | Reviews
    Avg. Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars

    Write an online review and share your thoughts with other shoppers!

    5 out of 5 stars Recommended - a funny book., 4 September, 2002
    Reviewer: jonsleeper from Brighton, United Kingdom

    Goodnight Steve McQueen asks how far should you follow your dreams. In this case the dream involves rock stardom - a situation that Louise has personal experience of, from her time fronting the UK band Sleeper.

    The characters are well defined and you feel for them throughout the story, which is by turns funny/sad/funny. As many reviewers have said, this book will make you laugh out loud.

    Goodnight Steve McQueen has also been described as a very "warm" book, which I also think is true. It certainly left me with a good feeling. Danny McQueen is the main character, but I particularly liked Vince, his acerbic band mate, who is obsessed with Kevin Rowland from Dexy's Midnight Runners.

    I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone.

    [ Read more Reviews ]

     September 16, 2002 | Site Update
    From Vu
    I was told that Steve Jelbert was the only writer to give Louise's book a (published) bad review. This guy basically destroys everything Louise/Sleeper have ever done. This brings up an interesting interview from Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who talked about this one critic who has something personally against him. He was pretty much the only guy to give Amelie a bad review, saying the movie was racist and so on. Personally, I do not agree with the horrible Jelbert's review (founded at the Guardian book website), I am on chapter thirty-nine of Goodnight Steve McQueen and it is so freaking hilarious. Everything from Matty's girlfriend to Kostas etc etc. All the characters are distinct and funny in their own ways.

    Anyroad, I will post a full review when I'm done reading it, but at the moment, the book's really kept my interests. A lot of time I would start reading a book but never actually end up finishing it, unless I really enjoy it. This book is really good - well worth the £10. You can buy it from if you haven't already.

    Did everyone listen to the Front Row Interview? It's quite good, towards the end, Louise mentioned that her next book is about a girl who's father is a gambling addict who disappeared so she goes in search of him. It sounds like Vegas, I can't wait for it.

    I'll have a transcription of the interview maybe sometime this week.

     September 15, 2002 | Louise Wener Interviewed by John Wilson
    From BBC: Radio 4
    Presented by John Wilson.

    Pop star turned author Louise Wener talks to John Wilson about her first novel.

    Goodnight Steve McQueen is published by Hodder and Stoughton on August 1.
    Listen to the interview

     August 24, 2002 | Louise Wener Interview at QPD
    From QPD
    After serving her pop apprenticeship singing into hairbrushes, Louise Wener hit the music big time with the band Sleeper. She's now turned to writing. Judging by her very entertaining, very cool debut - viewed entirely from the male perspective - she's pretty good at that too.

    Is there any specific relevance to naming the main character Steve McQueen ?
    I think of Steve McQueen as being a quintessentially macho film star. I wanted to choose an idol who was impossibly hard for my main character to live up to. The fact that his mother has given him a hero's name, puts him under enormous pressure to live up to it.

    Why the decision to write the book from the male point of view? Did you find it difficult to create a believable male protagonist?
    I began writing as a man after reading a book by Anne Tyler called The Patchwork Planet in which she does the same. I'd never read a book where a woman had written a first person narrative as a man before, and I thought it might be an interesting thing to try myself. It turned to be incredibly liberating and I found it relatively easy to tap into a male voice. I hope that years of touring in a confined space with a gang of male friends has meant that I've done it justice.

    You have a reputation as being quite an outspoken/vocal person. Was the book a cathartic experience for you?
    Yes. Completely. It's not that I necessarily got anything off my chest, it's just that writing the book was such an enjoyable experience that I felt invigorated by the end of it. It was wonderful to finally do something by myself as opposed to always working creatively with a group of other people, and I feel incredibly lucky to have found something other than music that I enjoy.

    [ Read more Louise Wener Interview at QPD ]

     August 24, 2002 | Louise Wener Interview at The Scotsman
    From The Scotsman
    Sleeping beauty
    August 1st, 2002
    written by Aidan Smith

    At the height of BritPop, a million teenage boys lay on their beds and leered longingly at Louise Wener while the music of her band Sleeper blasted out of their stereos. By each bedside was a box of tissues. For those moments when this unrequited love became too much, presumably.

    Those boys have grown up a bit and will now have new fantasies, which is probably just as well. Because if you believed all you read about their former fave pin-up - and Loaded magazine’s "63rd most shaggable girl on the planet" - you might have thought she should have been born a man. A caveman.

    When Wener was wowing the boys with hits like Inbetweener, just about the nicest thing the opposite sex said about her was that she was, in their eyes, "not a woman’s woman".

    Many of them said much worse after she declared that all feminists should shut up and shave their armpits.

    Eventually, even some of the male of the species started to cool on her. She decided that, when it came right down to it, women were just as "shitty and vindictive" as men. For that, one or two called for her to be burned at the stake.

    Little wonder, perhaps, that Sleeper didn’t last. Pop, Wener says, was too restrictive a medium to allow her to get across all she wanted to say about men, women and inbetween-ness. So now she writes novels.

    In a hotel near London’s Oxford Circus, she’s sporting a new look to go with the new career. In place of the regulation-issue rockwear of head-to-toe black, there’s a summery lilac blouse, faded jeans and sandals - and she’s also gone blonde.

    "I was being ironic when I said those things," insists Wener, now 35, whose debut novel Goodnight Steve McQueen follows the fortunes of a young band not unlike Sleeper. "When we started out there were lots of other female-fronted guitar-groups and I knew we had to try and stand out from the rest. So I’d turn up for interviews with these ready-made quotes in my back pocket."

    [ Read more Louise Wener Interview at The Scotsman ]

     August 24, 2002 | BBC London's Book Review
    From Dickon Edwards
    Subject: Life After Indie Bands Corner
    Tuesday, July 30th, 2002
    Time: 5:25 pm.
    On BBC London's book review programme last night, there was a segment featuring various literary editors recommending their "favourite books to take on the beach" (cliche alert, yawn). The literary editor for Elle Magazine turned out to be Eithne Farry. Last seen being the Shouty Punk Rock One out of Talulah Gosh.

    She recommended that novel by Louise Wener, formerly in Sleeper.

    Ms Farry added that by writing about being in a band from the perspective of a man, Ms Wener was being very clever and unusual. I don't remember anyone saying that about the Adrian Mole books.

     August 13, 2002 | Additional Borders Info
  • Where we are: At 98 Buchanan Street overlooking Royal Exchange Square.
  • Borders Books - Glasgow
    98 Buchanan St.
    Royal Exchange Square
    Glasgow, G13BA
    Phone: 0141.222.7700
    Fax: 0141.222.7717

    Hours: Monday - Wednesday 08:00 am to 10:00 pm
    Thursday - Saturday 08:00 am to 11:00 pm
    Sunday 10:00 am to 09:00 pm

     August 13, 2002 | Borders Bookship Book Signing
    From Jon Stewart
    Here's Lou's next book signing for you:

    Thursday 15th August @ 7pm
    Borders Bookshop

     August 11, 2002 | Liquid News Transcribed
    From Vu
    I've watched and listened to Liquid News: 9 August 2002 on my very, very connection! What I couldn't make out, I didn't transcribed, so if you have a more accurate transcription of this interview, please let me know!

    Louise Wener wore a black, fitted shirt that reads: PLAYER.

    Liquid News: 9 August 2002
    transcribed by Vu

    Liquid News: Citizen Kane best film of all time. Do you agree with it?
    Louise: I saw it when I was 17, and I have to admit I was quite bored. I love Dr Strangelove and The Godfather, which I'm a huge fan of. But Citizen Kane didn't really do it for me.

    Liquid News: What do you think of "Pop Idols"?
    Louise: Erm, I just love it. It's so brilliant. I've watched everyone of them. I'm quite addicted.

    Liquid News: I love you! Because, erm well, I mean, you're the first pop star who said they've quite enjoyed it, as opposed to saying it's ruining the charts.
    Louise: I mean I like watching them. Having the best time of their lives ever. The only problem with it, is that they don't have talent. They just get pretty models and someone to write their song. It's such an easy gift for them.

    Liquid News: She's not a work of art or anything. It's not my work, but the work of my very special music guest tonight, Louise Wener. As the face of Sleeper, she was there at the height of Britpop.... Now she's back with her first novel... We'll talk about book and sex, but first here is a musical flashback: (live clip of Inbetweener and Sale of the Century, and the beginning intro of Nice Guy Eddie.)

    Liquid: Yes, good outfit! How do you feel when you look back on those songs? Do you miss it?
    Louise Wener: Yes, nostagic really. I don't really think so.

    Liquid: You look excellent. And earlier you said you had the time of your life. It was bad at the end, there were good bits and bad bits. Did you agree though, that you have the time of your life.
    Louise: It was fantastic. You see the world and on top of the pop charts. As a kid, it's great.

    Liquid: But how do you get from there to writing a novel?
    Louise: I got bitten by the bug and I started writing it and had a lot of fun doing it.

    Liquid: You couldn't get to a more different profession. Because one: you're on a tour bus and there are so many of you and then you're...
    Louise: You're in a room, it's good, it's really nice. It's just I've really think creative things with other people for so long. To be writing by yourself, it's really nice.

    Liquid: How do you make yourself do it? Another to make yourself write songs, is it different?
    Louise: I've written my whole life.... When you're in a band, you work at night. You get up around one, or you have someone wake you up. You get really, really lazy and spoil.

    Liquid: You're still with and I believe still living with a guy in the band?
    Louise: Yes, yes.

    Liquid: Is it A. Romantic, and B. Do you find it strange that he used to know girls doing pop and who now doing...
    Louise: He really likes it. When we used to work and live together it was quite difficult.

    Liquid: OK, tell us a bit about the book
    Louise: It's about a group of three male friends in a band in their late 20s, trying to make it in a pop band. And I wrote it from the view of a man.

    Liquid: Why do you do that?
    Louise: I didn't want to write my story. I wanted to write about the back of the van with a bunch of guys. I love the sort of humour and comradely you have.

    Liquid: I love the fact that those guys got groupies, but you didn't.
    Louise: I never got groupies.

    Liquid: That's so unfair! What kind of boys got up to you?
    Louise: Very pale faced who bought me poetry.

    Liquid: Aww... Good luck with it. Thank you for coming and telling us about it.

     August 11, 2002 | Louise Wener On Liquid News
    From Liquid News
    (Vu: Louise Wener was guest for Friday 9th August Liquid News. I'm not sure if they have the broadcast shown here, as I have a slow connection. Let me know if she does show up on the broadcast file.)

    Louise Wener

    Louise Wener's career path is one that flares up the green-eyed monster in most of us.

    Ultra-hip rock chick to respected novelist - not bad really.

    Anyway, back to the beginning. Since she was knee-high to a jukebox Louise has been music-obsessed. She spent four years waitressing and signing-on while trying to get a record deal for her band Sleeper.

    They were eventually signed by Indolent and went on to record three top ten albums and eight top forty hits. Sleeper's second album The It Girl turned platinum in the summer of 1996.

    Well, not content with life as a pop pixie, Louise turned to good old pen and paper after Sleeper split in 1999. Her first novel Goodnight Steve McQueen tells the story about a London band struggling to make it big. Familiar territory? Well maybe, but Louise decided to write in a male voice just in case she didn't have enough of a challenge.

    It's certainly paid off. Ms Wener's now working on her second novel. While she sometimes misses the thrill of performance, she says she doesn't miss sleeping on a tour bus for months on end and waking up to the smell of roadie farts. Well quite...

     August 9, 2002 | Dialgoue: Louise Wener
    From, thanks to Sleeper Online
    Dialogue: Louise Wener
    Justin Tilbury interviews Sleeper lyricist and novelist Louise Wener

    So, you set out with the proposition "How far should you follow a dream?" but we're not talking the "All-American dream" here, the stuff Capra films are made of and political careers made or broken by - but what a question of choices. Everyone makes them everyday, and admittedly, there may not be a novel in which brand of peanut butter you buy, but how far would you go, how much confidence do you have in that oft-considered plan to ditch the office job and trek around the world?

    Or, in this case, do you admit that things are as good as they are going to get, or, to paraphrase Noel Gallagher, do you put your faith in the hands of a rock 'n' roll band? It's a question that Steve McQueen (his friends call him Danny) has to face in Louise Wener's first novel. Twenty-nine years old, with a steady job, a steady relationship and good friends to drink with Danny would seem to have everything. But Danny's real job is the band, his steady job is poorly paid part time work at a video rental store ("You know I'm only doing it until we get signed"), his girlfriend earns more in a hour than he does in a week and would like him to start a career, and those friends, well, they're all in the band too. One other thing, there's an ultimatum. Danny has six months to sort out his life or his girlfriend leaves him. That's six months for the band to make it or for him to give up the dreams of fame and fortune, and find himself a proper job. Luckily for the band, an old acquaintance of Danny's, Ike Kavanagh fronts a band that's made it in the States, and he's trying to break into the British market. It may just be that his band, Scarface, will require a backing band. Dakota may not be the backing band Scarface require, but if Danny has anything to do with it, it's the band they're going to get…

    [ Read more Dialgoue: Louise Wener ]

     August 8, 2002 | Book Signing in Milton Keynes
    From Nic, via Sleeperonline Forum
    posted on August 07, 2002 at 15:58:33

    Hi This evening I was passing my local Otakars Bookstore in Milton Keynes at 6.30 only to notice that Louise was doing an exclusive booksigning!

    So of course I bought a ticket £3 which was worth the price as it included Mz Wener in conversation talking about her Book and about the Music Biz plus questions from the audience.

    She said she had planned to make a solo album but was quite jaded with the industry hence the change of career.

    Lou said the publishers let her do what she wants unlike the Record Company. Unfortunatly she has no plans to make another album at least not with the intent to achieve the success she had before. She said she may consider it but only for fun and she still writes songs, and may do small unannounced gigs ie pubs etc... jammin with friends cus she still loves music.

    If anyone else went maybe they will have a better account as It's all quite blurred to me now but was wicked to see her with extreme confidence and happy to have achieved the great success she has with the book.

    Of course I got my book signed and a photo with her. Maybe everyone should check the Otakars website over the next few weeks usually booksigners do a few events to promote.

     August 7, 2002 | Amazon Top 100 (Aug 6)
    From Jon Stewart
    Back in the amazon top 100 books... 84 with a bullet. Go Lou - Swing batter batter swing!

    Goodnight Steve McQueen:
  • Sales Rank: 84 (6 Aug 2002)
  • Sales Rank: 83 (7 Aug 2002, 6.23am)
  • (Vu: Sales Rank for Aug 7th, is at US Central Time. Since it's early enough, I am assuming the real number will be lower when the day is over.)

     August 4, 2002 | Stewart Teaching Music/"Baby Juice Express"
    From Jon Stewart
  • Hope you are well. I'm doing fine, and about to start teaching music at the new Brighton Institute of Modern Music next month:

    I thought you or whoever might visited your page may be interested to know there's an uncorrected proof of GNSMcQ on Ebay at the moment:

    The book's doing well and we're all pleased for Lou. It made the top 100 books on this weekend which was cool.

    I've just finished the music for a film, called Baby Juice Express, which premiered at Cannes this year. It's about sperm smuggling in Bognor (a UK seaside town). There some details available on

    (Vu: Although BIMM's really nice Flash website didn't have the updated information on the tutors, it looks like Jon is teaching along with Ace from Skunk Anansie & Chris from the Sea Horses. When Jon saw that Sleeper was played on Regis and Kelly, he said, "That's awesome. I love Regis Philbin!")

     August 4, 2002 | "Goodnight" Sales Rank
    From Vu
    Yes, I have been manually saving Goodnight Steven McQueen's Sales Rank, since it was first mentioned to a few days after the official release. To give you an idea of how many item Amazon carries, it is roughly around 100,000+ items, so breaking the top 1,000 barrier is actually pretty decent at any given time. I recently placed an order for a Stereo Total CD (with my McQueen book order) and the Stereo Total CD was ranked at around 7,500. So top 100 is very, very good. Sales Rank: 1,693 (12 July 2002) Sales Rank: 258 (13 July 2002) Sales Rank: 1,009 (16 July 2002) Sales Rank: 316 (22 July 2002) Sales Rank: 240 (23 July 2002) Sales Rank: 1,570 (27 July 2002) Sales Rank: 211 (31 July 2002) Sales Rank: 122 (1 Aug 2002) Sales Rank: 97 (2 Aug 2002) Sales Rank: 79 (3 Aug 2002) Sales Rank: 89 (4 Aug 2002)
    (Vu: I've ammended the sales rank to the highest selling point. These snapshots that I took of the sales rank were taken at random - and since they change every hour, I've posted their best selling rank. The last three dates (August 2-4) comes from an official scource, so it is accurate.)
     July 23, 2002 | 'Goodnight' Released Early
    From fudge_and_frisk, via Inbetweener
    Woo hoo!
    Mon, 22 Jul 2002 08:42:31 -0000

    Goodnight Steve McQueen has been sent to me from Amazon!! I thought it wasn't out till August??

    happy happy joy joy dance.....

     July 13, 2002 | Vitamin C News
    From Vitamin C: The Music Revelution (Note: this is not a website on the singer Vitamin C.)
    09/07/02 [WEBLOG]: More Kazoos, the return of Louise Wener, and Michael Jackson loses it.
    written by Fraser Lewry


    "An executive from our record label escorted me directly from the record signing to the stall of a sour-smelling urinal and offered me my first line of cocaine. It made no difference. I already knew that I'd made a mistake." Doe-eyed indie pop princess Louise Wener, formerly the singer of flash-in-the-pan Brit-pop sensations Sleeper, has written a book, Goodnight Steve McQueen, a comic novel which tells the story of the story of a wannabe pop group. Part of the publicity campaign takes Louise to The Guardian, where she re-tells the story of her own band's sudden rise and spectacular fall.

    [ Read more 09/07/02 [WEBLOG] ]

     July 11, 2002 | Photo from Goodnight Steve McQueen
    From Nige
  • Copyright © Debra Hurford Brown (sic), photograph courtesy of Nigel Street
  •  July 9, 2002 | Photo from the Guardian
    From Christopher
  • Scan courtesy of Christopher
  •  July 6, 2002 | Guardian Article: My Life as a Pop Star
    From Guardian, thanks to Christopher
    My life as a pop star
    Guardian Unlimited © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2002

    As a child, like so many of us, Louise Wener dreamed of being a pop star. But for her it all came true. As the singer with Sleeper, she hit the big time during the Britpop era in the mid-1990s. The life was everything she had expected it to be, and more. So why did she walk away?
    Saturday July 6, 2002

    "The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench. A long plastic hallway where pimps and thieves run free and good men die like dogs. There is also a negative side."
    - Hunter S Thompson

    I don't want you to think that I make a habit of this, but last weekend, in the name of research, I spent an indulgent afternoon with the curtains drawn, sifting through a pile of old Sleeper photographs, press cuttings and band mementoes. Tucked away in the attic, behind a tub of creosote and something pungent that re-whitens grout, are a pair of cardboard boxes that contain every groove of vinyl Sleeper ever pressed, and every inch of domestic and international print coverage that our publicist deemed worthy of indexing and wrapping in plastic.

    I hadn't looked through any of these pictures and interviews since I moved house three years ago, and it was with some trepidation that I heaved the box on to the floor, split open the seal with a Stanley knife and tipped out its contents. There it was in black and white. My doe-eyed, twentysomething doppelgänger, staring out from the cover of the NME and a swatch of newspaper clippings proclaiming me the female heir apparent of something called Britpop. A pair of platinum albums coated in bubblewrap, their glassy surfaces still dusty with ancient cocaine residue, and a dozen giant festival posters, folded into a thick, neat roll. And, at the bottom, a bag full of discarded keys and backstage passes that once opened the doors to dressing rooms, tour buses and hotel rooms all over the world.

    It felt like rummaging through the detritus of a distant love affair; and in the way that childhood summers have a tendency to seem hotter and fuller when you remember them, so my time in a band seems increasingly resonant and rewarding in hindsight. For much of the time, it was an insanely privileged and exhilarating experience. For some of the time, it was frustrating and crushing; not unlike swimming through mud.

    This, then, is a potted history of that time; a survival guide, if you like. From a suburban childhood consumed by glamour and escapism, through the effluent-filled waters of the music industry and out the other side. To something simpler and altogether more agreeable - from life as a pop star, through life on the sofa watching Pet Rescue, to finding a job fit for a grown-up.

    [ Read more Guardian Article: My Life as a Pop Star ]

     July 6, 2002 | Louise in the Guardian
    From Christopher, via Sleeper Stuff
    Sat, 06 Jul 2002 12:44:28 -0000

    has anyone seen todays guardian 6.7.02 there's 3 pages of stuff on louise and her book and loads of pictures in the little weekend magazine thing that comes with the guardian. i'll scan it all and post it later, but i'll just put up some stuff from it here.

    My life as a popstar
    When indie band Sleeper landed aboard the Britpop bandwagon back in the mid-1990's, lead singer Louise Wener suddenly found herself a celebrity. So why did she give it all up?

    As a child, like so many of us, Louise Wener dreamed of being a pop star. But for her it all came true. As the singer with sleeper, she hit the big time during the Britpop era in the mid-1990's. The life was everything she had expected it to be, and more. So why did she walk away? Portrait by Fiona Freund

    Starting out: Over a Chinese meal and champagne, Sleeper signed their first record deal for £12,000. To celebrate, an executive from their new record lable took Wener to a urinal and offered her her first line of cocaine.

    The press: Wener's plan to be provocative at first won the band much- needed coverage. Then it backfired: 'I was depicted as sex-crazed and whorish, and summarily demonised.'

    New life: After several attempts, Wener finally sat down to write a novel. Six months later, she had an agent, a two-book deal and a novel to finish: 'It was, without doubt, the most rewarding thing I've ever done.'

    Vu: A quick look through the Guardian's website, I found this item:

    Louise Wener: Goodnight Steve McQueen (Flame)

    The author was the lead singer of Sleeper, and her story of 'a confused, emotionally illiterate man chasing overdue pop fame rings true,' wrote Kate Riordan. And she got under the skin of the main character. 'I applaud her spot-on research into the male psyche,' said Ben Brannan.

     March 29, 2002 | "Goodnight" Proof Copy
    From Celeste

    Ebay Item: 1527239118

    First bid US $9.99
    Started Mar-27-02 13:45:03 PST
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    Quantity 1
    Location London
    Country United Kingdom

  • Scan from vortex001, via Ebay
    By Indie Popster LOUISE WENER of Sleeper fame

    London, Flame 2002

    Uncorrected Proof Copy

    This is her debut novel

    A fine unread copy bound in wraps.

     March 14, 2002 | Goodnight Cover
    From Nigel Street, via Inbetweener
    Maybe I just didn't notice before, but the cover for Louise's forthcoming book is now also up on Amazon.
    Goodnight Steve Mcqueen
    Louise Wener
    Our Price: £10.00

    Not Yet Available: You may still order this title. We will dispatch it to you when it is released by the publisher. Category(ies): Fiction

    See larger photo

    Paperback (1 August, 2002)
    Flame; ISBN: 0340820292 Sales Rank: 42,599

     March 6, 2002 | Excerpt from Goodnight Steve McQueen
    Excerpted from Goodnight Steve Mcqueen by Louise Wener. Copyright © 2002. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

    Do you remember the quiz show Winner Takes All? It had a top prize of one thousand pounds. They kept it in a Perspex display case. A thousand crisp green notes. Right there. Right under your nose, and it was real money as well, not like those cheques they wave about on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?.

    I can’t remember anyone winning it, though. Not ever. Most of the contestants seemed happy with fifty quid and a slap on the back from Liza Tarbuck’s dad: a weekend for two in Blackpool if they were lucky. And you knew it would rain the whole time they were there. And you knew Peter from Wilmslow was secretly gay so he’d have to take Beryl his arthritic nan instead of Rita his imaginary wife. And you knew he wouldn’t be able to go backstage and have his picture taken with the Nolan Sisters after all, because he’d have to be back at the Grand Palace B&B before the ten o ’clock curfew.

    Thanks, Tarby. Thanks very much.

    I mean, what a con. Talk about massaging the truth. It should have been called Loser Takes All .It should have been called No-Hope-Rubbish-Hair-Crap-Job-No-Prospects-Lousy-Boyfriend-Loser Takes All.

    I can’t help thinking I would have done rather well.

    My name is Steve McQueen and I’m a very bitter man. What on earth were they thinking of, calling me Steve? Didn’t they realise it would ruin me? Didn’t they know I’d be tortured? Didn’t they understand it would be impossible for me to live up to? Did they hell. It was my mum ’s fault, of course, she was obsessed with him. The only reason she married my dad in the first place was because of the name. It didn’t matter that he was a geography teacher. It didn’t matter that he was bald at the age of eighteen, fat at the age of twenty-two and dead at the age of thirty-three and a half. Mum had what she’d always wanted. She’d married herself a genuine McQueen.

    [ Read more Excerpt from Goodnight Steve McQueen ]

     February 14, 2002 | 'Goodnight Steve McQueen' on
    From Nigel Street, via Inbetweener
    'Goodnight Steve McQueen', Louise's new book to be released in August, is now listed under priced at £10
    Goodnight Steve Mcqueen
    Louise Wener
    Our Price: £10.00

    Not Yet Available: You may still order this title. We will dispatch it to you when it is released by the publisher.

    Paperback (1 August, 2002)
    Flame; ISBN: 0340820292

     January 19, 2002 | Goodnight Steve McQueen
    From Sleeper Online
    Here are the back cover notes:
      Danny McQueen has dreamed of being a pop star since he was 13 years old. Now he’s 29 and he’s still dreaming. But he faces a dilemma. His girlfriend Alison wants him to sort his life out. She’s given him an ultimatum: find a record deal by the end of the year or find a new girlfriend.

      When is it time to give up on your childhood ambitions? When is it time to stop watching Colombo in your underpants and get a proper job? Is six months long enough for one last assault on the big time? Is friendship ever more important than love? Is it just your imagination or can your girlfriend always tell when you’ve been looking at internet porn?

      With the help of his boss Kostas, his two best friends and an eighty year old Kung Fu enthusiast called Sheila, Danny McQueen is about to find out.

    The publishers certainly seem to be raving about the book, a bit early to be pre-order maybe, but here are the book info bits:

    Goodnight Steve McQueen
    by Louise Wener
    Hodder & Stoughton
    ISBN 0 340 82029 2
    1st August 2002

     January 19, 2002 | Pulse Magazine
    From Tower Records's Pulse Magazine
    April 2001


    ...Louise Wener, former vocalist for defunct Brit-poppers Sleeper, is writing a novel. A synopsis and 80 finished pages of Goodnight Steve McQueen are with the publisher Hodder & Stoughton, which has signed her to a two-book deal. The tale, which is said to be ?in Nick Hornby territory,? revolves around a musician who grew to believe Steve McQueen was his father and is under pressure from his girlfriend to land a record deal. A second novel, with a chart-rigging scandal as its backdrop, is under development.

     February 12, 2001 | Tail of the Century?
    From NME (thanks to Hazard)
    Feb 12 2001 03:45:00:000PM

    Louise Wener - The English Lit girl Ex-SLEEPER vocalist LOUISE WENER has secured a publishing deal, and her debut novel, 'GOODNIGHT STEVE McQUEEN', will be released in April 2002.

    Sleeper disbanded following the release of their third album 'Pleased To Meet You' in 1997. Since the split, Wener has remained out of the public eye. However, her agent Hannah Griffiths told NME.COM this afternoon (February 12) that the ex-Britpop star's first book will be published in April 2002 by Hodder & Stoughton.

    'Goodnight Steve McQueen' is set in London and based around a musician named Danny, who grew up believing his father was the actor Steve McQueen. The story follows Danny as he works to forge a career as a musician, and deals with the problems this causes with his long-term girlfriend Alison.

    Griffiths said: "I think it's important to stress that Louise is a writer. She didn't get a publishing deal because of Sleeper. She's delighted to be doing something non-collaborative, she's totally committed.

    "The book shows a human side to the music industry and I think it will appeal to not only music fans, but anyone with an interest in writers like Nick Hornby."

    Griffiths said the book is not autobiographical. It is said to contain references to many contemporary personalities, including television presenters Ant and Dec.

     February 10, 2001 | Louise Wener To Write Novel
    From Q Online (special thanks to Hazard, via Sleeper Online)
    Louise Wener To Write Novel
    [ 09 February 2001 | 02:56 PM ]

    Sleeper Singer Turns Scribe

    Lousie WenerFormer Sleeper singer Louise Wener is to launch a career as a novelist with the publication of her first book next year. The one-time Britpop star’s literary debut, Goodnight Steve McQueen, will be published by Hodder & Stoughton in June 2002. The book tells the story of a musician called Danny, who for many years laboured under the impression that his father was Steve McQueen and has been given an ultimatum by his web designer girlfriend – get a record deal in six months, or the relationship is over.

    "Louise sent us a letter saying the band is finished, now I want to write," says Hannah Griffiths of literay agents Curtis Brown. "I was really sceptical at first, but when she sent in a sample, I was hooked from page one - the second page contains one of the most beautiful sentences I’ve ever read. She’s a brilliant comic writer and really understands how men think. It’s not a laddish book - it's more in Nick Hornby territory, with fallible comic heroes. People in the office have already been quoting lines from it."

    While Wener has only written a synopsis and 80 pages to date, the novel is part of a two-book deal with Hodder & Stoughton. The next instalment will be the story of a woman in the record industry who is involved in a chart rigging scandal. "It has the music scene as a backdrop, but it’s not Spinal Tap," says Griffiths. "We see Louise as a long-term investment."

    12/29/2002 18:16:51