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THE IT GIRL (US) (1996) Arista

Date: 1996
Catalog: 2-07822-18824-8
Retail Price: $
Publisher: Arista

Track listing:
  1. Feeling Peaky
  2. Sale of the Century
  3. Dress Like Your Mother
  4. Statuesque
  5. Stop Your Crying
  6. Nice Guy Eddie
  7. Lie Detector
  8. What Do I Do Now?
  9. Shrinkwrapped
  10. Good Luck Mr.Gorsky
  11. Factor 41
  12. Click...off...gone

Louise Wener vocals, guitars
Andy Maclure drums, acoustic guitar, percussion, keyboards (track 6)
Jon Stewart guitar, keyboards (track 7)
Diid Osman bass guitar
additional musicians
Stephen Street keyboards & programming
John Green piano, synths, winter warmer

all songs written by Wener
except 1 (Wener/Stewart/Maclure) 2,7,9 (Wener/Maclure)
all lyrics written by Wener

Produced by Stephen Street
Engineered by John Smith
except Lie Detector (produced by Bruce Lampcov & mixed by Stephen Street) and Factor 41 (produced by Stephen Street, John Smith)

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