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BOTTOM OF THE HILL (05 Jun 1995) San Francisco

Date: 05 Jun 1995
City: San Francisco

Setlist (partial):
  • Alice in Vain
  • Delicious


  • Jimmy Eat World
  • Sleeper
  • Treble Hum

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    BOTTOM OF THE HILL (05 Jun 1995)
    San Francisco

      Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA ( Jun 95 )
    From Tweekitten
    Sleeper at the Bottom of the Hill. San Francisco, California.
    Article and photos by Scott Zimmerman.

    Sleeper Awakens San Francisco

    For their San Francisco live debut, U.K. sensation Sleeper successfully delivered a splendid fast-paced set of gorgeous, sexy pop tunes to a highly anticipatory crowd. Throughout the show, whether performing their familiar tunes such as "Alice in Vain" and "Delicious" or any of their lesser known songs, Sleeper delighted the crowd. With such a strong collection of sweet, sometimes exhilarating songs, a weak moment was difficult to spot. My life does not exactly depend on listening to their recorded works everyday, but live the group definitely provides a good, fun show! Front woman Louise Wener was quietly charming, and sang great with her normal respiratory vocal allure. Sleeper's set ended with the crowd cheering for more.

    Louise Wener at microphone, playing guitar (same as above)

    Louise Wener away from the microphone, playing the guitar, looking down

       For my tastes, the other two groups on the bill were not much above just being "there." Openers Treble Hum would be quite a smart choice as a supporting act for Soundgarden or Pearl Jam. The South Bay rockers lean definitely towards the Seattle grunge sound. Unfortunately, such musical tones are not among my favorites. However, I will have to credit the group with having a somewhat appealing name. And it is one that fits them nicely.

       Jimmy Eat World, who inexplicably headlined the show, had very little going for them. I can hardly even remember their sound. Guitar, bass, noise, and, well, I don't know! Before even reaching the stage the group must have been severely displeased and degenerated to see how thinned the crowd had already become--a lesson to never let a more popular band play before you! Kind of sad, really.