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WOLVERHAMPTON CIVIC HALL (18 Feb 1998) Wolverhampton

Date:  18 Feb 1998
Location: Wolverhampton
Price:  £9

  • Sleeper
  • Rialto
  • Libido
  1. Inbetweener
  2. Delicious
  3. Vegas
  4. Romeo Me
  5. She's a Good Girl
  6. Firecracker
  7. Traffic Accident
  8. Superclean
  9. Rollercoaster
  10. Lie Detector
  11. Nice Guy Eddie
  12. Dress Like Your Mother
  13. Statuesque
  14. What Do I Do Know?
  15. Please Please Please

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    Ticket to  Wolverhampton (Originally 05 Nov 1997)
    Photo: Anne J
      WOLVERHAMPTON Civic Hall - 18 Feb 98
    WOLVERHAMPTON Civic Hall - 18 Feb 98
    opening act: Rialto and Libido

    From Phillip Homer

    Anyway we arrived early and had to sit through Libido and Rialto who i think were shite. But Sleeper came on at about 9:30 and they totaly blew sed walm up band to hell. Sleepers bad reputation for live performances is total bollocks in my opinion the were f*****g great. I cant remember the order of the play list but this was what they played
    Romeo Me
    She's a Good Girl
    Traffic Accident
    Lie Detector
    Nice Guy Eddie
    Dress Like Your Mother
    What Do I Do Know?
    Please Please Please
    i don't know if there was an encore because me and my friends had to leg it for the train but others who we spoke to said there wasn't one.
    From Andrew Bez
    Yeah, it wasn't full at Wolverhampton either. I got tickets on the night. I was too late to see Libido, where they any good? I saw Rialto and didn't think they were that good, untouchables was quite good though (I think thats what its called). Rialto made Sleeper seem even better and Sleeper were quite late appearing, I wasn't expecting them to go on stage at that point (the curtains went up). Yep it sounds like they played the same songs, I can't remember the order either. I thought all the songs were good live, especially she's a good girl, Inbetweener and lie detector.

    Your right the new album is definitely no disappointment, I've been listening to it constantly and think it's the best album that's been released recently. I probably prefer it to ok computer (which is also good). Louise always looks gorgeous so nothing changed and I was hoping they'd play please please please, I think it's one of the best songs of the album. She didn't talk very much, but threw some stuff from her glass into the crowd. She said you've been f***king brilliant and your lovely. She also said fuck all the critics over the past year and she definitely played guitar at Wolverhampton. Sounds similar to your gig, doesn't it. I think sleeper are brilliant and I'd probably do something i might regret if they decided to call it a day! They're writing some of their best stuff and I'm trying to raise a bit of support for them over the internet and at college. If people actually listened to them they might actually realise how good they are, instead of just reading newspaper articles saying they're crap. I can't wait for another tour if they have one.