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Newcastle University, Newcastle (11 Feb 1998) Sleeper

Newcastle University, Newcastle
Date:  11 Feb 1998
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  1. Firecracker
  2. Statuesque
  3. Lie Detector
  4. Inbetweener
  5. Romeo Me
  6. Traffic Accident
  7. Nice Guy Eddie
  8. Superclean
  9. Dressed Like Your Mother
  10. Please Please Please
  11. Sale of the Century
  12. Delicious
  13. What Do I Do Now?
  14. Rollercoaster

  15. Miss You
  16. She's a Good Girl
  17. Vegas


  • Sleeper
  • Rialto
  • Libido

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      Newcastle University, Newcastle (11 Feb 1998)

      NEWCASTLE University - 11 Feb 98
    NEWCASTLE University - 11 Feb 98
    opening act: Rialto and Libido

    From David Eve

    Saw Sleeper last night at Newcastle Uni. It was certainly a lot more crowded than for Echobelly last year. It took ages to actually get to the front, but we made it!. It was an excellent show, but they only played for 1hr 15 or so. Louise was wearing black trousers, black see through top and bra and drank water (white wine?), 2 (or more) beers and a bottle of red wine during the gig. They started off with Firecracker and then Romeo Me. Unfortunately i couldn't get the set list, and i can't remember exactly what they played, but there was Inbetweener, Pleased to Meet You, Delicious, and three songs in the encore including She's a Good Girl and Vegas. At the end of the gig i could've sworn she said "fuck you for the past six months, but she did finish up thanking us for coming, so maybe i misheard. It was certainly a very lively gig, plenty of surfing, and security were passing water back! Had to buy a new t-shirt coz my other one was soaking!

    Listening to the latest album again i'm sure they played every track, and they definitely played Sale of the Century as well!

    From Jon Baker

    I was there too David, I think Louise said thank you for the past six months and something about all the letters of support. The new bassist looks a bit like Buster Bloodvessell from Bad Manners. The songs played were, I think,

    Traffic accident, superclean, delicious, inbetweener, what do I do now, rollercoaster, she's a good girl, vegas, romeo me, dress like your mother, lie detector, sale of the century, miss you.

    All the old songs were sung in a slightly different way, which I guess is inevitable after the amount of time they have been performed. There was a keyboard player too (John Green). Having seen Sleeper at the University in 1995 I would say that there was slightly less than the same amount of people as then. Definitely there was more at the larger Mayfair in 96. Such has been their change in fortune.

    I went to see Echobelly too and their support band was also Rialto. My girlfriend and I both thought they were very good, so I would recommend getting there early to see them. Libido was the early support.

    Finally thanks to the T shirt seller who gave us an extra £10 in change !!