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Oasis, Swindon (21 Feb 1998) Sleeper

Oasis, Swindon
Date:  22 Feb 1998
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  • Sleeper
  • Rialto
  • Libido
  1. Sale of the Century
  2. What Do I Do Now?
  3. x

  4. She's a Good Girl
  5. Vegas

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    Oasis, Swindon (21 Feb 1998)
      SWINDON Oasis - 21 Feb 98
    SWINDON Oasis - 21 Feb 98
    opening act: Rialto and Libido

    From Simon East

    Finding the Oasis Centre proved something of a challenge, despite the fact that this was our second visit having previously been there in November on which occasion we were informed, much to our chagrin, that the gig had been postponed. Since we had come all the way from Bristol we were less than pleased about this, but decided to attend the rescheduled performance rather than seek a refund.

    For the second time of asking Emma and I left the motorway at a different junction which was a mistake as we found ourselves swallowed up by Swindon’s myriad roundabouts and leisure complexes. The upshot of this was that by the time we arrived Libido had already started, and indeed had nearly finished so I didn’t really get a measure of them.

    Rialto followed with a formidable performance and some nice renditions of recent chart singles, but it was Louise’s feisty presence that we really awaited. We were rewarded with this soon after 9.30 as the band entered somewhat sheepishly onto a minimalist set which seemed to lack the trimmings of the ‘It Girl’ stage which I saw in Gloucester in 1996. The wings consisted of a few banners down each side, with a flashing neon “Sleeper” sign at the back. Somewhat tacky in my opinion.

    To be honest I can’t remember the first song, which certainly didn’t have the impact of Dress Like Your Mother in Gloucester when the long riff of a session guitarist preceded the crashing start of the song proper as the backdrop fell to the floor revealing the band behind. Immediately I got the impression that Louise was not really putting her life and soul into it, and after a selection of songs from Pleased To Meet You, including She’s A Good Girl, Romeo Me and Superclean, we came to the eponymous Inbetweener which Louise insisted on performing in that lazy half-singing, half-talking way which I find so annoying.

    Nevertheless, after this things seemed to pick up and we were rewarded with two more from Smart (Swallow and Vegas - the latter as an encore) as well as Lie Detector, Sale of the Century, What Do I Do Now?, Nice Guy Eddie and Statuesque. Disconcertingly absent was anything new, and I do hope that this isn’t going to be some sort of swansong tour, although her defiant attack at the end on the derogatory reports in the press lately seemed to quash such rumours, although it wouldn’t be the first time that a band said they weren’t splitting shortly before they did.

    In summary: an excellent gig, showcasing the marvellous repertoire that Sleeper’s three albums have built up, and I hope that a fourth album will not be just a pipe dream.

    Simon East