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THE WELLY CLUB (08 Nov 2018) Hull

Date: 08 Nov 2018
Retail Price:
Publisher: Hull

Set List:
  1. Nice Guy Eddie
  2. Pyrotechnician
  3. Delicious
  4. What Do I Do Now?
  5. Blue Like You
  6. Lie Detector
  7. Statuesque
  8. Alice in Vain
  9. And the Sun Also Rises
  10. Atomic (Blondie cover)
  11. Feeling Peaky
  12. Inbetweener

  13. Encore:
  14. Look At You Now
  15. Vegas
  16. Sale of the Century
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    THE WELLY CLUB (08 Nov 2018)

    Setlist (08 Nov 2018)
    Photo: Carl L

    Sleeper (08 Nov 2018)
    Photo: Carl L

    Review of Sleeper at The Welly in Hull on

    posted 11/14/2018


    THE WELLY CLUB (08 Nov 2018)
    Review - Sleeper at The Welly in Hull

    by Paul Jeeves


    The fans’ favourites were always going to dominate as this was an evening of indie-pop reminiscence, from the opening track of Nice Guy Eddie via a gloriously upbeat What Do I Do Know? to the naggingly infectious riffs of Inbetweener.

    Wener was always at the forefront of Sleeper’s success, a huskily-voiced performer who had an eye for satire – summed up by the retro T-shirts on the merchandise stall emblazoned with the Another Female Fronted Band logo that she made famous back in the mid-1990s.