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Good Luck Mr Gorsky

Good Luck Mr Gorsky
Rides his bike on a tarmac causeway
makes him ten feet tall and drives him anywhere
dreams of rockets and home-run heroes
takes the brakes off on the big hills for a dare
oh when its dark here
there's a voice that will always call you in
but you don't care
you still sleep without thinking
Best of luck Mr Gorsky all the world's waiting for you
there's a clock on the wall
and it ticks when you're small
counting on you
good luck Mr Gorsky all the worlds waiting for you
there's a plaque on the wall
that your wife won at school
cleans it for you
Making holes in the tall white fences
and a hundred curtains flicker as you pass
think that man must be ninety-seven
built a telescope he focused on the stars
models in boxes never look like the pictures on the front
but that's OK
they still fly on elastic

07/10/2001 01:54:47 [ lyrics transcribed by vu ]