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You closed your eyes and left me here
and now I'm jealous of your sleep
I made some noise to wake you up
it seems you've drifted out of reach
I'm not sure if you meant what you said
but that's o.k.
'cos it still sounded good
when you said it anyway
I'm not sure where you are when I turn and stroke your face
you don't move anymoreso it must be getting late
I'm not tired even now
I think I'm glad to be awake
I've met these fractured thoughts before
they grin and wander round this place
I'll get up all I find
is a paper that I hate
real life disappears
and gets shrink wrapped in its place
I get up watch tv
helps me feed my vicious streak
real life disappears
Then we watch the spooks on the news
playing chess with the cynics
hope you die in the arms of your shrinks in your clinics
now its gone 5 a.m.
We smile and plan our revenge
by the end the night has found it's true friends
up all hours sketching a thousand great schemes
hope I'm not too tired to colour them in

07/10/2001 01:55:12 [ lyrics transcribed by vu ]