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Stop Your Crying

Stop Your Crying
this man lives in the ocean
he puts his favourite clothes on
and drifts away day after day
and you can't hear me call
this man needs a direction
you want my blind affection
and I'm not sorry that I came
I stayed too long that's all
and you're a bad habit
glad of it
I'm not so sure I can help you
sad for it
thanks for it
I'm not so sure I can make you
stop your crying it's not helping
stop your crying it's no help
did you still think that my love
could make you special
pulled me in on a high tide
how well you hid your flipside
it won't do to comfort you
each time you cough or call
you think I wanted to use you
complex issues just confuse you
you don't care you're unaware
how far these things can fall

07/10/2001 01:55:16 [ lyrics transcribed by vu ]